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“Catch A Contractor” Debuts ON Spike TV Sundays at 10 PM
March 10, 2014, 5:11 pm
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I watched the premiere of this new reality-tv show last night.  The hosts are a carpenter, a home improvement contractor and a private investigator.  The 3 assist homeowners who have had a bad experience with a contractor.  In the episode I saw, a contractor gets paid a large sum to renovate a bathroom but leaves the project midway rendering the space unusable.  The contractor is located (with help from the private investigator), lured back to the homeowners and caught on camera being confronted with the defective and/or incomplete work.  The show offers basic tips to homeowners including the need to have a written contract with a contractor, check licenses and references.  The show hosts eventually tell the contractor that he needs to go back and fix/complete his work or the they will help the homeowners put the case into suit.  It looks like a fun show.  Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t have the “Catch A Contractor” TV crew on their side.  Instead, homeowners may choose to hire an experienced construction attorney to prepare or review a construction contract before it is signed.  This way, if the contractor defaults, the homeowner legal rights will be protected.


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